Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hyperacusis Tinnitus

Hyperacusis tinnitus               

Hyperacusis tinnitus is a condition where you have extra sensitivity to sound and this is actually really common with approximately 8% of the population suffering from this condition. Most people that suffer from hyperacusis tinnitus are not born sensitive to sound but develop weak eardrums during the course of their life.

There are a number of things that are said to cause hyperacusis. These include:
1.    Damage to the inner ear e.g. Meniere’s disease and Lyme disease.
2.    Excessive exposure to loud noises.
3.    Migraines.
4.    Chronic ear infections.
5.    Side effects to drugs and other medications.

The words ‘hyperacusis tinnitus’ go together sometimes because approximately 40% of people that suffer from tinnitus suffer from hyperacusis as well. The reason for this is because both tinnitus and hyperacusis is mostly caused by damage to the inner ear –if you are hearing ringing in the ears your ears have become sensitive due to damage made – the most common being over exposure to loud noises.

If you are hearing ringing in your ears and your ears are sensitive to sounds as well, you might be experiencing the symptoms of tinnitus. If you believe this is the case you need to do a number of things. To begin with book yourself in for a hearing test at your local hearing clinic, and read up on everything you can on hyperacusis and tinnitus. You will then need to see an ear, nose and throat specialist most likely, and he/she will do a number of tests to find the cause of your hyperacusis tinnitus and then will design a possible treatment plan.

Hyperacusis tinnitus is treated in a number of ways. These include medication, sound masking devices, therapy and surgery. Medications are said to work for treating hyperacusis, however you need to take into account that there are often many side effects with medication treatment, and therapy is a more preferred option. Nonetheless antidepressants and anti anxiety meds are often beneficial for people suffering from hyperacusis tinnitus as they deal with the psychological problems associated with the condition. More often than not hyperacusis tinnitus is caused by heavy migraines and by treating these migraines you are curing the cause, which will then stop the ear sensitivity.

Doctors and ear specialists prefer other methods to drug medications for the treatment of hyperacusis tinnitus because other methods are less invasive, mind controlling and damaging. To begin with try wearing earplugs in situations when you will be exposed to lots of loud noises because they decrease the amount of noise that your eardrums are exposed to. Some sound masking equipment have also proven effective for people who experience hyperacusis tinnitus such as white noise CD’s as well as sound generators. The treatment that you should go for is the one that works best for you.

Even though it is important to follow a treatment plan it is also vital that you do things that will not make your hyperacusis tinnitus any worse. Make sure that you stay away from places where there will be loud noises (unless you are wearing earplugs), exercise regularly, stay away from foods or drinks that trigger migraines such as alcohol.

We hope that this article on hyperacusis tinnitus has been beneficial for you and has helped you understand your condition further. We also advise you to speak to your doctor to give you extra information, as there may be more up-to-date developments that we haven’t included in this article.